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Welcome! I am Eleni an Executive Coach who loves co-creating with C-Level, Visionaries, Business Leaders, and Entrepreneurs. Happy you are here to explore our good match to partner up and support you expand your awareness and navigate towards your next destination of success.

Since I can remember I was attracted to the creators, the innovators, the people that had new ideas and were willing to take huge risks to unfold their vision into structures and actual life events. I always felt I get and resonated with these people as I always knew I am one of them.


What You Can Expect From Me

As a human being I believe in the interconnectedness of all that is. What we think, feel, and do has a ripple effect in the universe. Taking full responsibility of the energy I put into the world is my intention I share with you.

My purpose is to co-create with you to consciously vibrate the reality you wish to experience for yourself.

I am here to witness you build and lead responsible and aware teams and organizations that operate on values of love, appreciation, integrity, fun and celebration. Growth is inevitable when there is flow and you are feeling valued and enjoying yourself!

Everything I offer is designed to help you embrace your greatness and authentically thrive.

My Story

I grew up on the island of Cyprus and in a family environment that nobody had expectations of me, my performance at school or what I would turn out to be in the world. As a result I have experienced immense freedom as a child. With my family, we have moved from one city to the next on the island changing nine schools by the time I have graduated high school.

Continuing my completely unstructured upbringing, my parents started noticing and they no longer so much approved of my free way of navigating into the world. That’s when my rebellion started. I realized couldn’t conform to what then my family and society expected of me to behave as a teenage girl. I had already formed my own opinions and was making my own decisions. Had many questions about the world and wanted to travel and gain new experiences.

Graduating high school my goal was to study Psychology, to enhance my self-awareness, answer the many questions about the human psychic and with an intention to go somewhere far away. Therefore, my exploration lead me to Chichago, Illinois. Chicago early on felt like home for me where I spend the next 10 years of my life. 

Reflecting on my past I realize that working from the age of 16 I soon understood my talents. I loved connecting and creating with people, I was thrilled to observe people collaborating and achieving goals, everyone with our own set of unique attributes, energy and gifts. It always felt exhilarating to mirror back my positive observations to people and watch them keep flourishing when they felt acknowledged and appreciated. I also realized very early how much I loved entrepreneurship, finding new innovating ways of doing things and seeing the limitless possibilities in improving or expanding what was already there.

In Chicago I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and then after taking a year off for my first management experience at 23, I continued my studies and obtained my Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I was sure I wanted to work in my field of study and one day start my own business. I had the honor to work alongside my mentor Dr. John Behr. Our work focused in the Executive Assessments, Development and Coaching. After three years of employment in Executive Development I have decided to move back to Cyprus.

After working in an HR Management role for two and a half years, in 2011 I started my own business and was on my way for the roller-coaster ride of my life. Owning a business what is still my stimulation in shaping me as a human being, a professional and a participatory global citizen.

Today, I am very proud to run two business brands, one being a talent management solutions business and called The Advance Institute with a mission to provide objective measures in supporting organizations make sense and utilize their human talent more effectively and to To Reflect as you are witnessing here is my connection and co-creation platform to the game changers of the world for expanding beyond what was ever thought possible.

As part of my conscious and participatory living on this globe I am also having so much fun serving as the European Mentoring and Coaching Council EMCC President in Cyprus. Getting involved, volunteering and offering service in shaping the local and global community of Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision has been a transformation journey.

Furthermore, I am travelling the world to meet my clients and co-create expansive opportunities, to witness and experience anything new and I am loving every moment of the life I have been blessed with. 

Very grateful to be here and support you on your expansive journey of success,

Cheers to YOU,





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