The Meet Up


Excited to Introduce The Meet Up! The opportunity to Meet YOU and support you Expand Beyond Success.


The Meet Up is designed for YOU, to support you gain insights about where you are in your path, identify what works best for you, how to transition from one position to another, and how to identify your next business or professional goals.

The aim of this Meet Up is to increase your awareness of personal strengths and areas for development, and gain powerful information when making important decisions towards the direction of expanded success and deeper fulfillment.

The Meet Up offers YOU the opportunity to complete a diagnostic tool and work personally with me to discuss current objectives and set an action plan to reach your next desired intentions.

YOU will gain clarity of what is most important to YOU, focus on your next actionable steps and obtain clear insights on your current strengths and areas for development.  

Know your strengths, apply them where needed most, and your expanded success is guaranteed!

How we Meet Up?

Welcoming YOU to your Meet Up! We assign a tool for you to complete as an objective and self reflective measure of where you see yourself at this time. You complete the online self-reflective tool and we then we schedule our physical or online Meet Up.

We will then have a two hour Meet Up where we discuss what is most important for you, we go over your report based on the tool you have completed, and based on the insights gained, I support you to draft a road map to where you want to go.


The Tool We Use

The amazing Self-Reflective tool we use is a Hogan Career Report by Hogan Assessments (USA).
Hogan Assessments is an international authority in personality assessment and consulting.
Hogan has over 30 years of experience helping businesses dramatically reduce turnover and increase productivity by hiring the right people, developing key talent, and evaluating leadership potential.
The Hogan Assessments predict job performance by assessing every day personality, derailment characteristics and core values.


“The Career Report describes how an individual will act in various business circumstances, identifies strengths and shortcomings, indicates the type of roles best fit for each personality profile, and includes detailed developmental tips on how to manage his/her career. This high-impact report accurately identifies the behavioral tendencies likely to affect job performance.” Hogan Assessments


Ready To Expand Beyond Success?

I look forward to Meeting Up with YOU and supporting your expand!